October 26th, 2011

hopelessly deadlocked

Back in Black

Nobody amuses me as much as Lewis Black, as routinely as Lewis Black does. i love when he's on the Daily Show (and also sometimes in movies with Justin Long).

also at school one of my students knew who kis-my-ft2 was. WEIRD. my dvds are going to take forever and a half to get here as usual so everybody else will be watching them ages before I can. SADFACE.

ugh i have so much to do tomorrow before we leave for Ohio but at least I only have to see period 9 ONE MORE TIME this week. Also i can't print or copy any more pages, none at all, this month, so I can't print out my sub directions even, or my lesson plans. HAHAHAHA, that's a good magic trick, school district. ps - eat me.

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