November 1st, 2011


maybe i can crochet a more competent me

I did actually start a NaNo. I have no plan, I just kind of typed some stuff before going to bed last night, so what I have is 45 words of Kouji nearly killing Sakurai with sudden questions and energy jelly.

and then I ate some olives.

I guess we'll just see what happens and then I'll let you guys know if I'm posting anything so that we can sort out the filter (hint: i do nothing with the NaNo filter all year, so if you were on it before you're still on it). I keep thinking i should get ambitious and make it a comm so I don't have to keep friending the people or whatever, but then nothing.

JE hols isn't done (although I did start it). Halloween drabbles did get done this year, so I'll link those in a bit. I really am just in immense fail mode, so idek.

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