November 11th, 2011

mouse doom

ahh sweet nectar of wifi

I am on the train! which, as it turns out, suddenly has wifi! That is excellent news for me, as I am an internet addict, but not so hot new for my nano, which I in theory should have been working on for like 20 minutes already.

Speaking of things I am addicted to, I didn't bring anything at all along with me to crochet, and it was actually a little difficult for me to leave the bag with the afghan I'm working on inside my apartment. Wth, brain. Seriously, I am not normal. There was a yarn hoarder on Hoarders this week, like I told a couple of you, and the guinea pigs were looking from the tv to me to the huge box of yarn sitting in my living room with complete guinea pig condescension. Sanapig was probably just wondering when the Hoarders crew would show up to film so that he can be on television.

Okay, seriously, I'm going to actually get something written, no lie. Rin's section is almost done, not that I know what I'm doing after that.

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I wish I had done that BEFORE the hot Japanese guy showed up

And now I am on the Acela to Boston like I am supposed to be, where I have already accidentally thrown my train ticket in the trash. EMBARRASSING. I'm the reason we can't go to nice places ._.;;;;;;

Also catty-corner to me is the cutest Japanese guy I have ever seen outside of JE (and that includes the guy who sat next to me randomly on the way back from the K8 concert in Fukui, for those of you who know what I'm talk about). I wish he were across from me at this little business class table rather than this guy who is actually is there, who is kind of a tool so far. I have my headphones in but they aren't really on, so I'm listening to his entire business plan/pitch that he's making on the phone. He's some kind of organizer for the US Open, I've gathered.

T minus 5 hours until Boston and T minus 27 hours until the Big Gay Wedding(TM) which is what I'm going to Boston for, if I didn't mention that already.

How do I STILL not have a shinkansen icon for crying out loud. ETA: FIXED.

ETA2: damn, hot japanese guy was only going as far as NYC, and the tool is still sitting here. Although the guy who sat down across from us last stop told him to basically stfu with the phone, but then again, the other guy is reading a Stephanie Meyers book, so it's not like I'm keen to make friends with him either.

ETA3: nm, tool is leaving too! *snatches his seat so I am facing the right direction*

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