November 15th, 2011

gay apparel

Miss Nancy's Paying For This One

*Big Gay Wedding was a ton of fun. The adult entertainment turned out to be Jujubee from RuPaul's Drag Race, who was very tall and fun and told me I looked fabulous. When a six-foot drag queen in stilettos and a semi-sheer leopard print dress tells you you look fabulous, honey, you are fabulous. Other than that, everything was silver snowflakes and peacock feathers instead of flowers, we got chocolate penguins as favors, there was a cupcake tree instead of a wedding cake (YUM), I drank a drink called a Pearl Harbor that was made mainly of Midori, and oh yeah, there were 15 people in the wedding party. You know how we could end the recession? GAY WEDDINGS YO. anyway i danced until I for serious could not dance anymore and then rode the train home for ten hours until it was midnight.

*on a related note: every part of my body hurts. school this morning was a special sort of hell.

*but I did see sociofemme who i haven't seen in ages and ages and was an excellent wedding date ♥♥♥ And also timeripple who let me sleep on her floor and then took me to get anpan and melon bread the next morning. ♥

*then i not only bought some more yarn, some yarn came by mail! you know why? because I am a motherfucking yarn hoarder, that's why.

*then 1B seduced 2B and I with Olive Garden so that we would use my truck to bring his last huge piece of furniture to their new house. it's so far awaaaaaaaay. I am not okay with this, it turns out. 2B is, like, actually emotionally distressed over it, which is sad and amazing in nearly equal parts because 2B as I may have mentioned is not so much with the feelings.

*i am still trying to get my goddamn phone updated, but the AT&T website is refusing to even let me log in to the upgrade page at this point. i've been saying for months that even when my upgrade came due I was sure there would be some other disaster preventing me from finally acquiring the precious, so I'm not even really upset. i'm just sort of wistfully resigned. if i have three minutes to myself this week I will have to go over to my mother's and try to have her sort it out on the phone or something, but that seems unlikely.

*on the way home there was a church whose sign read "Honk if you love Jesus...text while driving if you want to meet him real soon." I nearly met Jesus because I was laughing so hard at that sign while driving through a construction zone.

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