November 24th, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving

Since the timezone is so far ahead here, I'm sure most of you are deep into your thanksgiving, if you celebrate it.

I say something like this every year, but aside from my family and health and job, what I'm intensely thankful for all the time is the internet and the fact that you guys are on it. It's what makes work and everything else bearable. It's been a rough year in places, especially this fall, and the only reason I have any NaNo written at all is because of encouragement from my flist/tlist.

I know it probably doesn't seem this way if you don't know me well, but travel and having my routine upset are scary for me, and it's really only the fact that I 'bring' you all with me whenever I go someplace that makes it doable for me. This year I've been to Japan again and now Hawaii, but ten years ago that's not something I could have done at all, and even if I could have I wouldn't have without having somebody to come and visit or somebody to go with.

Over the last couple days of having the iPhone and twitter, and knowing I could reach you guys any time if I wanted to, that's made a difference too. Not that you guys were that useful on TheBus, but it's more the fact that you're there.

♥ so I'm glad that you are here. I hope you all have good food and friends today like I do/will.

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