November 28th, 2011

oh noez jrz

The Good/The Bad/The WTF is This

The good news:
*still off school today, so I got to sleep in ages
*going to muppet movie in a bit with rooneytunes
*wrote ~3k of the jehols and might actually be within another 3 of finishing

The bad news:
*there's no way on earth NaNo's getting finished, so I'm shelving it a few days until Hols fic is done. I'm hoping to have 30k by the end of the month, and to finish in December.
*pigs and laundry both need done desperately. also i never did finish putting up the plastic on the windows, which directly translates into $$$ on the power bill.
*I still think it's about 3am right now and feel actually jet-lagged, which never happens to me. I can only imagine what school at 7am is going to be like tomorrow. I could do without the dizziness as well.
*need food and neither have any nor any energy to procure it. waaaaaaaaargh.

The wtf is this:
*Kisumai PV is pretty awful, but otoh I'm not nearly as upset as most people seem a)because I already disliked the song and b)I honestly didn't expect any better. It's not going to improve until we are out of debutmode, which plainly we aren't, and until Kisumai demands that people other than Mitsu/Taipi(/Tama) sing some lines. I additionally think this was the original debut song, and so it means there actually was a tiny bit of improvement between this and Everybody Go, but we're seeing them out of order. Tama seems totally jammed in there, just like in Rockin' Party, and sings next to nothing. I guess as a Miyata fan I ought to be more indignant, but...debut really is just like starting all over, and this is how it was in the beginning. *shrugs* It's kind of nice to see Japanese fans be equally irritated. International fandom unite, yo.

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