November 30th, 2011

snuggly fujigaya

Taipi @ Camera Store

SO HUNGRY. HUNGRYYYY. god it's too early for dinner but i think i'm going to have to just give in. Ever since I went back to school it's like this whole breakfast thing is not okay. I'm eating it! it just doesn't have any effect!

Also i slept like 4 hours again last night thanks to jehols/ flailinginlove/Kitayama and his camera d(`∀´*) and when I crawl from bed at 6am I always swear I'm going to come home and nap right after school, and then by 4 when I drag myself home I don't ever really want to do that. Lord knows sleeping at midnight isn't something I ever want to do either (_._)zzz

also it suddenly turned COLDER THAN BEELZEBUB'S BALLS, holy sheep. that was a quality slap in the face as I was slinking out of the junior high's 8am Holocaust survivor assembly this morning to return to high school. Documentary footage of tossing bodies in mass graves = Yes I want to teach Latin now!! Orz Orz Orz

okay food food food *needs eat all the things emoticon*

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