December 2nd, 2011

fuck my life

im in ur jlpt, failin ur listenin sectionz

*trying to keep self awake until JE Hols beta comes back* (_ _).oOzzzzzzzzz

so this morning I made it into the car with only 7 minutes until I'm supposed to be at school, which is a 5 minute drive exactly, but that's not really enough time because it's not okay if I am entering the building at 7:20, my contractual time, I have to be actually at my stupid duty spot at 7:20 or else I will get yet another nastygram/lecture. The whole way there I am watching my clock and cursing the fact that I have to go to this goddamn building when at the high school I could show up at :35 and nobody would give half a damn, esp when I drive through the high school parking lot past all the teachers strolling inside in a leisurely manner. At :19 I pull into the jr high parking lot and all but sprint from my car into the building, and I am in the cafeteria in time to see it roll over to :20.


and then the assistant principal comes into to tell me about how I am not circulating enough around the room and that's why they're having 'situations' and I'm thinking to myself, lady you are about to have a situation all right. words cannot express the amount of hate I feel for this building. SO MUCH HATE UGH LEAVE ME ALONE.

I'm trying hard to remind myself how badly my high school program needs these 8th graders, but if it means starting every single morning at this jr high for the next 29 years...I can't even think about it. I'm also trying to talk myself out of having a personal dress down day tomorrow because I've already chanced it a few times, but if i could just wear jeans tomorrow then maybe it would be even minimally bearable.

let's talk about how I'm going to fail the JLPT N3 this weekend like you would not even believe. not like I need it for anything anyway, so who cares, but it will make a nice little capstone of fail on top of everything else I've been failing at since school started this year. i'll get a cute certificate of fail and everything to tape to my door to match last year's.

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