December 15th, 2011

sai squee

In the Universe where Touya-meijin is Inui

I'm so puzzled by why Hikaru no Go is such a good anime. It's about a board game! Every time I rewatch it seems like my enjoyment of it only multiplies. At the start of the 2nd junior high tournament I was totally seized by love of Mitani/Tsutsui/Hikaru as a team, specifically the three of them, but then also I was thinking about how the thread of the show is how Hikaru knits these people into groups around himself while Touya cannot seem to connect to anybody at all, ever, except Shindou, or maybe especially Shindou.

I also love the part where he tells his father very seriously that Shindou is all that he can think about. I just always wonder if in that scene Touya-meijin is thinking to himself "Chance of grandchildren...0% percent." But since he purposely picked out Shindou as Touya's bride rival right at the beginning, maybe not lol.

Tell me it's a really terrible idea to start writing the AU where Touya is haunted by his father's ghost this whole time and when Shindou shows up with Sai tagging along they are both completely relieved that there's another kid with a ghost demanding they play this stupid board game, and then the two ghosts are demanding to play each other all the time while Shindou and Touya are incredibly long-suffering together. It's a terrible idea, self! Don't do it!

Also somehow i'm suddenly struck by how young Sai looks. I wonder how old he is when he dies? Early 20s? Late teens? I feel like I want to write fic where Hikaru doesn't get him until he's older and they're much more like equals rather than teacher/child, and I don't feel like he'd have long to wait either.

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