December 17th, 2011

jingle all the way

I'll Show You My Hon'inbou

I made apple-baked salmon for lunch and it was so tasty~ I left the skin on, skipped the mustard, and put the apples on top and it turned out really well.

Still mainlining Hikaru no Go and I totally forgot how shady Ogata is with Touya. "Come with me a bit, there's something I want to show you...out in my car." But then Kuwabara treats Ogata 150% more shadily and loves every single second of it, so it all just makes me laugh.

Accomplished some christmas shopping finally this afternoon and now i'm taking it easy until Chem Teacher Friend's usual holiday party. Also it was flurrying randomly. I want to be excited for snow and snow days, but i'm just really worried that we're going to be off ten million days and have to go to school all summer.

Cold :( Here have some tea. ( ^‐^)_且~~

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