December 23rd, 2011

ABCZ has Idiots Yokoo Quote

I'd rather have a rainy day with you than see the sunshine alone

*IT'S WINTER BREAK. SO HAPPY. i need so much sleep it's not even cool.

*Kisumai singles came. I just watched the Tokyo digest, and i don't like digests much, but I am glad I got to see something. Also it randomly made me tear up (Jin's freaking single keeps doing that to me as well, isn't that going to wear off?), and also be rather afraid of what they'll wear to Countdown. But then I realized it's Miyata's year so we'll get him in hakama. SO MUCH WANT.

*okay no, let's talk about Seasons for a real a second. Why is this so beautiful and sad?! I've always been afraid that when I actually did start to understand what these morons were saying for real that it would be too much, and this song is way too much (T^T) I want to put it on the next cd I burn for the car, but I don't dare do it after a test run with it on the iphone. sidenote: if Jin's next american release does not have something half so amazing, I will be seriously furious with Warner. HE WRITES HIS OWN SHIT, JUST LET HIM USE IT.

*I don't know if it's just that I'm in a good mood because it's break, but when I put WNGU in the car this afternoon, I actually enjoyed all the songs on it, more than a little. But i still hope next single is not a single thing like this. More than that, I hope we get an album next anyway. also I am 100% in love with Taipi's hair right now, exactly like it was on Heyx3, maybe all the more because I'm pretty sure he's willing it to grow out as fast as possible. I bet he's taking a shitton of girly vitamins to try and hurry that along.

*how is this post really long suddenly? oh wait maybe it's because i'm too exhausted to crawl off of the couch and go to bed properly, because i need to do exactly that so badly.

*I got really cute Tamamiya for JE Hols which I need to comment properly on yet except I keep falling asleep in front of my computer. Notice I'm still failing to do it. IM SORRY, ANON.

*sometimes I'm just so glad that ebikisu exists that it makes my chest all tight. I really really want debut ebikisu cons and for them to sing Daybreaker together again. I would buy that DVD all day long.

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