January 8th, 2012

bunny fail

My family: taking pictures of guinea pigs since the camera was invented

I haven't posted in ages, it feels like, so i though I had better come up with something to say.

My mother's last uncle died this week, who I didn't know hardly at all, but it did mean all of her brothers came into town. I think that's the first time since their father died, but as an added bonus, one of my cousins came down with his parents, who I haven't seen in ages. After the funeral, all of them came over to my parents' house so I got to sit and talk with him for a long while. It was really nice to talk with somebody who doesn't think learning a foreign language and going to a country that speaks it is some cute little trick for people who don't have enough things to do.

Also we went through a ton of old pictures, most of which I'd never seen before, and even turned up an incredibly old one of my grandfather's guinea pig, Nibbles. And one of the pictures he took of Wakiki Beach when he was on duty in Hawaii during WWII is essentially identical to one I took there in November. This world, sometimes it is very strange.

So now I'm watching Downton Abbey since both my cousin and my parents recommended it, although I was a bit shocked by the male/male kissing, just because my mother doesn't usually go in for that sort of thing. I love Maggie Smith, though.

And now it's ridiculous late and I'm not tired at all because I slept so long last night/this morning. Fail. I was hoping to write a bunch of my JE100 holiday requests tomorrow, but I think we might take my aunt, uncle, and cousin to the farm show instead. I will have to settle for having crocheted all the things this week, even though that means a post office trip is nigh, and I'm not generally a fan of those.

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