January 21st, 2012

ooh pretty

Useless Snow Day is Useless

Maa, well, I guess it's nice that I can stay inside and snuggle on my couch, and my silly classics festival meeting was cancelled, but on the other hand the meeting will just get rescheduled for sometime when it's more annoying, and i'm not getting out of any school. bah.

But I did sleep in late and redid my nails with Zoya's Yara while I'm watching Bleach.

Also I finished reading The Ring and it was totally interesting what they changed from the novel to make the movie, esp the American version. Not that it was an awesome idea to read that at 2am, haha. What would have been a better idea would be to have stayed up long enough to watch the last two episodes of House of Anubis, because they expired this morning. Since I was watching them after midnight i thought today was the last day (-_-; ) fail.

now i guess I ought to go clean off my truck since my neighbor who died isn't here to do it any more (wah, sad). And then maybe find some food or something.
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