January 24th, 2012

mouse doom

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon

I just fought a BATTLE OF WILLS with Firefox, which refused to reopen after I quit it because it was being slow. I reinstalled, and futzed with profiles and deleted locked junk, and finally in the end it was because I had to delete the CACHED profile files, not the regular support profile files.

what the effing f.

So yay Chinese new year, I guess, except I am a dog, so in the year of the dragon my horoscope was like "1 favorable month, 2 neutral, 9 unfavorable. Romance, Finances, and Career are all out so just don't...do...anything." and "you stopped exercising and spent too much last year, didn't you? you're going to regret that" and "this year you'll find out who your real friends are" and my personal favorite "just staring at the wall is fine." Sigh.

At least I am crocheting/knitting a lot. i keep thinking about getting an Etsy storefront, but I have this problem where I can't advertise it to online people with my real name, and can't use it for school people with my online name, and I do both of those a lot, so...I guess I could have two but that seems...really stupid. Or have a name that neither one is familiar but I dislike having weird names.

I started watching White Collar on Netflix from the beginning and am enjoying it a LOT more in order. Just started season 2 a couple episodes ago (before the FF breakdown).

Lots of packages! My mailman I'm sure hates me. new DVD player arrived so I use my TV's HDMI port and not keep unplugging and replugging my Wii, and swtjemz sent me a ton of magazines and nail polish and also her Lumos bag! Which seems silly but I used my bag until it literally fell to pieces on the inside, so I was super excited ♥

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