January 31st, 2012

abz and their z

We Are ABC-Z

おめでとう to both ABC-Z for debut and Yara for birthday today, or as my iPhone ac'ed it to, "one detox." Depending on who took them out, either one might be right XD I have half a Yara fic and half an ABC-Z fic and i really really wanted to get one or the other posted, but I feel like the window between 'excedrin kicks in and i quit feeling sick' and 'I pass out bc I stay up too fucking late all the time' is going to be not terribly large.

But like I was telling Kira and Pippa yesterday, maybe it's just because it was so unexpected, but ABC-Z debut/PV has filled me with a lot of feelings that I expected to get from Kisumai, and it isn't like I didn't get those feelings? But as much as I like Kisumai's first PV (and as much as I dislike the 2nd one), it didn't make me sob shamefully, and ABC-Z's totally did. Good crying, though! So glad to see them grown-up, and happy, and acting just like themselves, and surrounded by juniors, like as if somehow they brought all the juniors, all the people who work with them and support them every day, along with them for their debut.

Shit, I totally just made myself tear up again. w/e #normalfan. And maybe it was like, I really didn't think they would debut? Even after it was announced, until the PV was in front of me, on some level I still didn't really believe it. I wish I could have been at the handshake event just to tell them to their faces how glad I am for them, and Hasshi especially, that I'm so glad he exists.

And then I preordered Limited A of Kisumai album and 2 versions of the single, although I have to admit I'm kind of unclear which two I'm going to end up with, as YesAsia and CDJapan both seemed equally confused. I do kind of want Kis-My-Zero, but I wanted the DVD more and there was no way I was dropping $100+ on an album, even for them. Sorry, guys. OTOH, feel special, because do you know what an American band would have to do to get me to drop even $50 on them? ps UGH EXCHANGE RATE. plz to stop sucking any time now.

Apparently i have a lot of stupid news points. We finished Zenkai Girl at drama night, and I was satisfied with the ending, although where was my flashforward where Pitarou comes back for Hinata?!! This can only mean we need a sequel when those kids are old enough to be romantically dramatic. Pitarou's actor is like my favorite drama actor on the earth, as of right now. Also my mother loved Ryo a disturbing amount. She would yell 'STOP BEING MEAN TO RYO' at Wakaba at least 3 times an episode. Although she pronounces Ryo "Ree-oh" cutely. Need to decide what we're watching next.

Then I went to the gym for the first time since July after school today and I'm sure that could have sucked more, somehow, but I'm not sure exactly how. I particularly enjoy my new blood blister on my foot, despite my good sneakers and socks, because my body is a raging jackass. Got a nice headache out of it too. If only I had hopes that it would get better, but it won't, so don't be that guy in my comments who wants to talk about endorphins, because no exercise on the earth produces them in me. I wish it wouldn't take months of misery to keep fitting in my stupid Gap khakis.

I guess that's all the random news I have atm, not that you probably wanted any of it. So next I'll try actually writing something, shock.
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