February 5th, 2012

it's super effective


So maybe it was a mistake to go super hard at the gym randomly on guinea pig/laundry/superbowl party day.

in the middle of doing the pigs suddenly I just couldn't pick up anything that weighed more than a couple of pounds anymore, which is a problem because huge bags of woodchips, food, cages, etc. Heck, even Sanapig weighs a couple pounds probably. I had to take like a 15 minutes rest before I could go on. PS vacuuming needs ALL THE ARM STRENGTH in case you never knew that.

Uuuuuugh. Okay, whatever. All chores done, going over to my parents' so that we can drive over to 1B/SiL's house...where I am supposed to also pick up nephews old chest of drawers to bring home.

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