February 11th, 2012

probes are bad

And that's why you get a headache from ice cream

So I bought myself a book of 10-minute kid's stories at the Kinokuniya last time I was in NYC, as I am wont to do, usually about 2nd or 3rd grade level, and I do okay but I wouldn't say I'm exactly reading along in a smooth way. So this time around I ended up with a 1st grade book that's like "Why? How?" just because one of the things was "why do hamsters stuff nuts in their cheeks" and...i think we have located my appropriate reading level.

The worst part is, I'm actually learning things. The one about why you get a lump on your head when you bang it and not in other places on your body, I was like "Oh! so that's why!" I feel like Japanese second graders are all shaking their heads sadly at me. But I only have to look up a couple words each section, and it's really practical vocabulary, so I feel like it's doing me a lot more good than the other stuff was.

In other news, my mother took me along for a massage on Friday, and I was like 'my neck and shoulders are generally worst" and she was like "okay, let me just take a lo--HOLY GOD." This poor lady had to push down with basically her whole body weight to get the muscles down along my shoulder blade to even budge. The upshot of that, as it always is, is that my shoulders hurt so badly jesus christ, which made sleeping last night challenging when it was comfortable to lie neither on my side or back. putting on a bra and buckling myself into a car = also challenging.

I am totally enjoying Kaze no Stigma on the Netflix, even though it's dubbed, generally a turn-off for me. Kazuma just won a place in my heart for watching casually as a thug grew a bunch of crazy muscles and flexed so that his clothes all shredded, then commented, "I'd be concerned if that happened to my body. Seems like you'd go through a lot of pants that way."
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