March 4th, 2012

it's a kitty

Ave Caesar!

I had the most mundane dreams ever, what the hell. There was one where I was at my old hair salon getting a super cheap haircut because they were trying to lure me back from my new place (my lady decided to start her own salon), and then when 1B called and woke me up I was dreaming that i was presenting a Caesar powerpoint to my period 3 class...which is the class doing Caesar right now.

Seriously, brain, could we try to have a little more action than that? Although honestly at least it wasn't nightmares.

I finished a sweater! I'm super excited, except the buttons I have look ridiculous and I have to take them back off, and also I started the sweater in grad school when I was a good 40 lbs heavier (It was Vermont! I was getting ready to hibernate, okay!), and it wasn't like I could change the proportions of the sweater 2/3s the way through, so it's a bit...well it's not long enough for how wide it is, is really the issue.

so then I bought more yarn to try again. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. It was so cheap and pretty though ;__; anyway, I'll post pictures then when the buttons have been altered. It otherwise turned out really nicely, esp given the 6-year gap in between the last time I worked on it and restarting it two weeks ago, so I am pretty pleased with myself.

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