March 9th, 2012


remember that time i dropped $100 on Kisumai's 1st album

well, more like $90 since i had YesAsia coupons both times. Sigh, i know it's silly, but I'm still down about not going up to NYC for Jin and Kisumai tour stuff being way too early for me to see them this summer...anyway, in the car I put WNGU back in for no reason and I just thought, Zero is the thing that I'm going to want in the car most of all. even if I love the album like crazy, it'll be the old songs that I want there. fuck it, it isn't like i smoke or drink or have any other expensive habit.

unless, you know, you count yarn. But that isn't expensive!

I just redid my nails with one of the mylar-flecked Zoya colors, and I really like it. I can't wait to see what it looks like in natural light tomorrow. I have the blue-flecked (Maisie) but I want to get the pink one too.

I went to the lorax tonight too, and I definitely enjoyed it. The fat bear was 100% my favorite. And oh man, talk about gorgeous cg; i wanted to touch those truffela trees SO MUCH. All of this, however, was preceded by an absolutely hysterical ad for Despicable Me 2 made entirely of minions. MINIONS. Minions + birthday blower = comedy gold.

and evidently SHINee's album is called 'Sherlock' and may or may not be a Coat West soundtrack. APPROVED. Sometimes I want Taemin and Fujigaya to have a hair-off. Also Taemin doesn't seem to understand he's supposed to be feeding ME those grapes! Not the brightest crayon in the box, that one, but we keep him around for obvious reasons.

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