April 15th, 2012

it's super effective

soon I will run out of coffee milk and then I will probably cry some more

let me preface this by saying that when you think you've lost your wallet in NYC and that isn't the worst thing that happens to you all day, then you are me. DAMN YOU STUPID YEAR OF THE DRAGON.

Most of the NYC weekend was fine. Well, Saturday was fine. Friday involved me forgetting my wallet on the way to the train and having to go back, and then getting stuck in traffic so that I literally had to run through the station, down the stairs and onto the train, and then stand in the doorway so it couldn't close while my mother shuffled old-lady style down the stairs. But we did eventually, after the endless odyssey to our hotel, have really good ramen.

Saturday we went on another odyssey for the wafel & dinges truck (are you sensing a theme yet) and I dragged my mother to Kino's and the awesome Sunrise Mart (CURRY BREAD/COFFEE MILK) and UNI-QLO. Eventually we took the subway, which is like taking your life into your own hands in my mother's world, to meet musesfool and midnitemaraud_r at the Crooked Tree Creperie, which I absolutely recommend, about as highly as I recommend the two of them. Which is very highly!!

Some kind of riot happened outside while we were eating, like a bunch of people stormed by chanting and with faces covered with black hoods or bandanas, dragging traffic blockers all tied together to block the street, followed by police cars making a noise that I have literally never heard before, ever.

At this point you're probably wondering if I'm maybe not exaggerating just a little, but I swear to god, I am not.

Today we had to haul our junk all with us, which was dramatic because my mom basically can't do that, so I ended up carrying her big bag. It sucked, but it wasn't a big deal until we sat down to lunch and I realized my wallet was not in my pocket. Now I touch my wallet and phone about every minute or so when I'm walking around, so I knew it had just happened, but it wasn't anywhere. 45 minutes of panic and one canceled credit card later, we're leaving and I realize that the wallet is wedged down in the side pocket of her stupid huge bag, which was exactly level with my pocket. The weight of the bag as I was going up the stairs into the lunch place must have worked the wallet up out of my pocket and then when I set it down, it must have dropped right into the pocket.

For normal people this would be the most excitement of the day. But oh no.

Hours of train ride later, I go into the kitchen to get the trashcan to start cleaning guinea pigs, and I realize I am standing in water. Because my kitchen sink has backed up and filled my whole dishwasher and covered my counter and everything on it in a layer of...idek what. EW. WAAAH. So I called the emergency guy, who...

...have you ever seen the Disney Atlantis movie? The emergency weekend guy is Cookie from that movie. He's like 100 years old, bearded, grizzled, and comes in and looks around and is like "Yup, she'll do that on ya every now and then." then some more alarming things happened ("Now THERE'S a thing you don't wanna see"), a snake was brought in, an hour later he emerged looking frazzled and reported "I'ma have to run and get the BIG SNAKE. This 'un just ain't gonna do the job." Another hour and a snake that was very big indeed, and Cookie the Maintenance Man had to leave in defeat. Apparently he will be back tomorrow to once more do battle with snakes of various sizes.

He thought Senga was delightful, though, just to put that out there. No doubt they will bond more tomorrow while I am at school (OH GOD SCHOOL FUCK ME)
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one of those units

Fic, 30 Kisses, (15) Angel or Devil

Title: Angel or Devil (Which Bites One's Lips?) [Fujigaya/Tamamori]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Fujigaya's methods of persuasion
Summary: This year is Kamen Rider Kisumai, and Fujigaya plans to enjoy it to the very fullest.
AN: 30 kisses, day 15, and I think it's entirely possible that you'll end up with more kisses set in this same universe here. Can I even tell you what I would give to have all of Kisumai do Kamen Rider for a year? I think Nika's head would explode.

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