July 7th, 2012

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Fic, Ebikisu, Take It Up With Management

Title: Take It Up With Management [Ebikisu]
Rating/Warnings: PG for wire fan-service
Summary: Kawai can tell you how Hashimoto became A.B.C-Z's manager, but it still won't actually explain anything that happens after that.
AN: flailinginlove and I were talking on Twitter about how ABC-Z's stuff is so much less produced than Kisumai's, but that as fans we find that more satisfying. I suggested that maybe Johnny just won't spend the money on giving Ebi a manager and that they're just fending for themselves and she responded:

Fujigaya: God, our managers are being a pain in the ass. They won't let us do ANYTHING we want.
Kawai: *turns to Hasshi* Manager-san, can we have a mid-air, shirtless make out session next butai?
Hasshi: APPROVED. ( ^_^)b

So now I will always associate the emoticon ( ^_^)b with Hasshi-manager, and then I started writing this fic because she demanded I do it. I should also say that in Kawai's version of his debut talk with Johnny, Johnny's response to him started with "naruhodo" (so it's like that), and now I can't hear that word without grinning.

Also, consensus seems to be that we think Kisumai's main manager is a woman, so that's how I wrote it, but if I'm wrong about that, sorry, manager-san.

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