July 27th, 2012

mangaka at work

Suika = Summer

Laptop battery replaced! Wasn't free, but since I took it to the genius bar directly, it saved me about $30. Also I got a a MLP T-shirt and a $10 jacket from Hot Topic's clearance rack. And a bubble tea! Either way, my laptop sits evenly on a table again, and can be unplugged for like 5 hours. Huzzah! Plus my trackpad and space bar are back to working normally now that something isn't pushing up on them from underneath, go figure.

My mom was in for minor surgery this morning, and because she gets worried about bizarre things, chose to stay overnight in the hospital for an entirely outpatient procedure. Sigh. So Dad and I went in and visited her for most of the evening. I knitted a scarf. An entire scarf.

I have done 40/60k of the proofreading on About Face, though, so that's something. I'd ideally like to finish up tonight or tomorrow, but tomorrow is substitute drama night day and I'm totally exhausted from getting up the last couple days at reasonable times and babysitting yesterday and NYC earlier in the week.

And then I gave myself watermelon nails.

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