August 22nd, 2012

deep thoughts

My retail therapy is a little weird.

I bought $20 of colored pens this afternoon and about 4 lbs of yarn, which is code for school starts tomorrow and I have so much DNW. We have two days of meetings before students show up on Monday, though. On the one hand, I will sit through meetings/trainings essentially endlessly because I'm not in charge of anything and I knit/crochet through them. on the other hand, these promise to be especially poor this year and include an all-day, large number of people thing Friday. Unimpressed.

we still have people leaving/called back to my building. Did I mention school starts tomorrow? It's still year of the dragon, just to remind those of you who don't have the most adversarial zodiac sign possible.

I am also kind of bummed out about losing my highest level class, not because I was dying to teach it (the tiny class is so awkward oh god), but because I am worried about my numbers in general being low. It isn't like I have any other marketable skills, so there is no plan b after "public school realizes Latin is for chumps." or, well. not one that probably doesn't involve me having to move, which. *hands*

My kisumai cds still haven't shown up either, what the hell. Come on, mail, can't you help me out just a little? fuuuuuuuuuu.
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