September 25th, 2012

Miyacchi is hot

There's a recipe in here somewhere

I made chickpea soup for dinner, which actually means I had no food and no will to go to the store but a box of leftover chicken broth so I threw a bunch of things in it in the hopes it would turn into soup. This included:

*8 cups chicken broth
*1 can of chickpeas
*~1 cup of frozen sweet onion from my freezer
*a carrot
*a link of chorizo, also from freezer
*~5 mushrooms that have been in my fridge since...idek
*salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, mustard powder + whatever seasoning is in chorizo

1. cook all the stuff until nothing is frozen
2. add chicken broth and simmer until you remember oh yeah, I was making soup
3. cross fingers it actually becomes soup

It turned out okay, actually, it was reasonably edible. Which is good because I will be taking it to school for at least the next couple days (see earlier statement about no food/will to get food). Also i hardboiled some eggs. One of my favorite things is eating a freshly hardboiled egg right when it's barely cool enough for you to peel and still really hot in the middle.

It's back to school night this week which ugh so stressful. My room is still all a mess and it also interferes with my usual meetup with Other Latin Teacher. I'll be so glad when it's over, like always. But due to how my schedule shaped up this year, I'm more caught up on grading than like anything ever because I have a huge stretch mid-day where I can only sit and grade quietly. Right now it's entirely boring, but I'm sure I'll be glad about it around mid-terms and finals.
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