October 16th, 2012


Here have a bunch of links

My thread on the annual JE100 Trick or Drabble meme - here!. you don't have to write in order to request (although anybody at all is welcome to write, even if you don't usually do je100).

Also I haven't really been linking anything I've written for Shiritori here and pretty much all of them end up as full fics, so, in reverse chronological order:

Senpai's Treat - Kitayama/Senga, R

Can't Always Get What You Want - Tamamori/Miyata, PG

Impatience - Yara/Yamamoto, R

Allergy Medicine and Other Hallucinogens - Kitayama/Fujigaya, PG

Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite - Nikaido/Senga, PG

It's All Cool - Nikaido/Yokoo, PG-13

Addictive - Kitayama/Fujigaya, R

Wish in One Hand, Spit in the Other - Kis-My-Ft2, PG

The Worst Waiter Ever - Yokoo/Nikaido, PG-13

Incriminating Evidence - Kitayama/Fujigaya, PG

Limitless - Kawai, Totsuka, Yara

In other news I took a half-day and slept on my couch all afternoon. BEST EVER.
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