November 21st, 2012

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Holiday Wishlist

A couple of you on my flist/tlist said you were hoping more people would post a wishlist so they had more prompts to fulfill, so on my first day of break I decided I'd write one quick.

1. You really can't go wrong with ebikisu in any orientation. The usual culprits are miyata/tamamori, nika/senga, tottsu/hasshi, tottsu/Kitayama, and lately maybe fujigaya/yokoo. I realize less specific prompts aren't helpful, but honestly you can't go wrong. First time or established, funny or serious, porn or cuddling.

2. I really do like unusual pairings (and i've written pretty much all of them at least once, so trust me, anything goes). Anybody with Miyata, anybody with Kitayama...okay anybody with anybody. Lately Watta and his hair have been rocking my world. The part i enjoy most about unusal pairings is the explanation or the build up to how they got there, just to say, though. Not that most of them NEED a lot of prompting...

3. Other groups I'd like in any way you could manage it are Tackey/Tsubasa (or even if they're just spoiling kouhai like ebikisusnowmen that's okay), or Snowmen (I like nabesho/date, but anybody's okay really, and I like Sakuma a lot and I'm really glad Abe is back), or Baka6(+yasui?) (i realize this will end up gen most likely, but it's cool, or if you WANT to try a pairing and blame me, I'm down.

4. General stuff I like: humor, banter, boys being idiots together, full group hijinks and random cameos, people being BFF or just knowing each other really well. I love confession fic, especially if there's a lot of failed attempt or miscommunication. Established couples doing it/exploring something new the first time, and that includes asking somebody new to play. Past/present/future all okay (I LOVE good history fic, but I understand it's hard since ebikisu have been around forever). Growing up and having others realize somebody is all grown up suddenly and knows/takes just what they want. Or conversely somebody asking for things they have no idea what they're getting into. Uh, idk. If I've written it, it's probably something that I like.

5. I realize that this is not the season likely to produce this, but I do actually like scary/suspenseful stories, and since I wrote that halloween one I've kind of been wishing more were around. But I understand those are hard and time-consuming, so.

Other non-fic stuff:

*I know this is crazy, but subs for Hot Snow. I want to watch this with Drama Night so badly.

*if you like to draw, I haven't had a fic illustration in ages and that would be really nice. Any fic is fine, or if you want to draw something random you could the fic/character prompts above.

*I'm totally into holiday cards if that's your thing. If you don't have my address you can email at mousapelli at gmail dot com (i'm not comfortable leaving my address in comments or on twitter, since RL me and online me have to keep pretty separate).
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