November 22nd, 2012



It's Thanksgiving here in the States, so as usual I'd like to say on this day that I am thankful every single day for all of you.

My flist/tlist/online friends are the people who encourage me and keep me going, who support me when things are tough at work, who make it worth my while to visit new places and try new things, and who love me even when I don't feel hardly loveable at all. I don't know where I'd be or what i'd be doing right now without all of you, but I can guarantee that I wouldn't be nearly as happy or healthy as I am right now, or nearly as able to pretend on a daily basis that I'm a normal adult who can put on pants and go to work and hold down a job. Honestly I wouldn't even have made it out of grad schoo, I can promise you that, and I'd probably be living in my parents' basement hoarding guinea pigs and yarn.

Instead of hoarding them in my own apartment.

And I'm really thankful that this winter I get to go back to Japan on my break and see a bunch of you, some of whom I haven't seen in years and years ♥ Almost there!

For everybody who doesn't celebrate Turkey Day, I hope you have good food and good friends wherever you are today. And i also hope you are watching this dog show because some of these herding class dogs are so cute I kind of want to puke.
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