December 11th, 2012

kendall what now


why is it that i'm not tired at all at bedtime even though i'm exhausted all day from not being tired at bedtime? Body why are you so stupid for real.

I made karaage for dinner (had a box of coating mix from the Asian supermarket trip the other week) and it was AWESOME. I am super-psyched to have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

not so super-psyched for another week of standardized testing though. it takes sooooo looooong and it's not like last year where I got to sit in a room and be left alone because i was traveling between buildings in the middle so neither school could do anything with me really.

busy week is busy ._. I have junk after school every day and meetings until laaaate on Wednesday which is not my favorite thing, lemme tell you. I keep trying to start a definitive 'pack for Japan' list and then not getting very far with it because there's too much other stuff. TOO MUCH OTHER STUFF.

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cheap ramen

Up for Trade (or whatever): InuYasha Movies + Anita Blake 'Skin Trade'

So I ordered myself a couple things from the annual RightStuf holiday sale, and today when my boxset of the four InuYasha movies came, I turned around to my bookshelf...and realized I already own it. seriously, self, why.

Anybody interested in trading some anime DVDs (or really any kind of DVDs I guess)? I paid about ~$25 for the set of four movies. The box is unopened, plastic-wrapped, and is the version listed here if you want some finer details. Would make a great christmas present, if you have some anime-oriented people on your list (and who doesn't!)

I'm willing to ship the package to wherever you are in exchange for you shipping whatever items in trade to me in Pennsylvania, so it should work out fairly.

Feel free to make an offer. I'd probably consider DVDs of other kinds, manga, books, whatever. I mean hell, I guess you could even offer to paypal actual money. Shocking!

And while we're on the topic of trading and things i have bought twice, I also have 2 copies of The Anita Blake book Skin Trade but somehow managed to miss Flirt in the middle. Anybody have a copy of Flirt and want to trade up? Or again, make some other offer.

It's really just embarrassing that I put down double the money on an Anita Blake of all the damn things.
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