January 8th, 2013

no words for tendou

do you want to see me flex my nostril

Took off school today and just slept all day. IT WAS AMAZING. the effects of it will totally wear off as soon as I have to get up at normal time tomorrow but oh well.

In other news the UNIQLO socks I bought randomly on my trip are my favorite thing at the moment because the elastic isn't at the very top, but a bit further down, so it doesn't showcase my leg fat by digging in right there. it's like a sock revolution! So I went onto UNIQLO's brand spanking new online shop and ordered myself the other colors of them (they're the crew socks if you want to see) and then ended up spending like $70 because 3/4s sleeve T-shirts! waffle shirts! ugh i love the damn UNIQLO.

Ordered my 3 Zoya polishes for $10 as well (code: ZOYA2013). could have gone up to $25 worth of other stuff and gotten free shipping, but 3 at a time is fine. As it is I am totally out of space in my nail polish holder doodad and maybe should pick up another one or something like it.

Did I mention I got a super fancy teamaker for christmas? ITS AMAZING. i tell it what kind of tea and it heats the water to the appropriate temperature and then times how long it should steep for. It holds like 6 cups of water too so it's way easier to make tea for more than one person now too, like for Drama Nights.

Also I hear a Black Butler movie is in the works with Mizushima Hiro. I don't even like Black Butler but YES PLEASE. I still need to watch Rurouni Kenshin though. I almost bought it in Japan but they only had the SUPER RIDIC LE version so it was like $70 and just no.

So I have a DW account

Just finished importing my LJ to DW, so I suppose if you want to be my friend over there (or over here depending on where you're seeing this), go crazy? I have no idea how to go about finding people over here, so I guess I'll just watch my profile page for a while and friend whoever looks familiar. If your name is super different I guess you ought to tell me?

so yeah, cross-posting now. big excitement.

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