January 31st, 2013


Fic, Yara+THEY, All the Conveniences of Home

Title: All the Conveniences of Home [Yara/Yamamoto]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Yamaryo is a salaryman and Yara works at a combini, and Yamaryo knocks over a lot of puddings.
AN: while I was staying at yararanger's apartment, we spent a lot of our bedtime conversations coming up with ridiculous AUs in which Yara and Yamaryo would still be cute together, and my favorite by far was the Yara works in a combini and Yamaryo just likes to hear him say 'Irashaimase' over and over. Yamaryo all flustered, in suits!

Also when we went out for motsu nabe, we really had the grumpy waiter, and he was adorable. We really did keep calling him over for ridiculous stuff, and when he stood there testing the nabe broth/rice, he could have won a gold medal for disdain in the emo olympics. BEST EVER.

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