February 13th, 2013

Squashed Face Miyata Quote


full of wooooooez. I know it's PMS but it doesn't make me feel less shitty.

stuff at school is just wearing me down. It's small stuff like omg that class is working my last nerve and larger stuff like our new eval system is so much freaking work and really big stuff like our negotiations are going to be so ugly and who knows if at the end of all this pensions are even going to exist after the 28 more years of doing this it will take me to earn mine.

Public education: just don't do it! don't be like me, kids. Everyone hates you! Everyone thinks they know how to do your job despite having no training of their own! Nobody wants to do any goddamn work for the FL competition and then they all bitch the whole ride home about how we get our asses kicked every year! That last part is chapping my ass super intensely at this moment.

Valentine's nails:

V-day isn't helping anything since at school I am surrounded by people getting engaged, married, and having babies. I try not to get too worked up about it (after a decade of practice, i should be good at it) but it feels particularly intense this year. This year at least I plan to avoid going to Dunkin Donuts to try and at least be my own valentine, because last year they were out of donuts.

Not out of good ones. Out of donuts. All of them. that = what it's like to be me.

ugh it's already 10pm and i have to show up at school early tomorrow. fmllllll.

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