February 23rd, 2013

probes are bad

Thank Goodness They Don't Animate Chris Evans

Netflix keeps reccing me the DC animated movies so I keep watching them. They're so well-done! Also I'm watching the one about the League of Doom vs the Justice League and Superman is way too attractive in it. He's not my type or anything, but they have him all piercing bright blue eyes and stuff.

I did all this grownup stuff I had to do today and now all I want to do is lie here and watch bad tv and stay up too late. I think I will!

Also rewatching X-files, which is funny because I used to watch it expressly for Mulder, and now as an adult I find Scully so much more empathetic, haha. Mulder will do the weirdest, most inadvisable shit, and Scully just rolls her eyes like what the fucking fuck did I even go to college for to put up with this shit, and I am right there with her! It is the look I give at least one of my classes every single day.

and then I went to the gym and everything huuuuuurts. I started week 3 of couch to 5k, in the hopes that I might have a slightly less embarrassing time for my school's spring 5k fundraiser. Week three means run 90 seconds/walk 90/run 3 min/walk 3, and my ankles are like "what is this shit?!" bc 3 min is probably the longest sustained run I've ever done. No idea what comes next week, I'm kind of afraid to look.

and while I was at the gym my parents petted llamas and then brought me a carnivorous plant. What the actual fuck.

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