March 14th, 2013

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do all the things

Just turned in my JE Remix and really glad I got it done and in on time. I was done last night but i kept falling asleep in the middle of trying to reread it, so I finally had to give up and wait until tonight.

I'm having the most ridiculously busy week at school, full of all this dramatic stuff, and i cannot wait for it all to be over, including Saturday. Being a grownup is full of fail. I feel like I just do thing after thing after thing and nobody is ever impressed by my continued competence, there's just always more things.

in other odd news, I agreed to be part of a study at one of the hospitals nearby for women who have 8 or less periods a year. They're gonna test me for some stuff, and the lady on the phone seemed quite disturbed that my regular doctor had never tested any of the things she named. I was like, while it's gratifying to have somebody agree with me that there might be an actual problem here, it's not like I advocate super hard for myself at those appointments because it's always early in the morning and i get a fat lecture whenever I try, plus it's not seriously affecting my quality of life, I wouldn't say. Who on earth is like "yay i want more periods!!"

I stayed after school and ran the indoor track instead of going to the gym today, mostly because i didn't have enough time to go to the gym really before the next place i had to show up and i didn't want to be rushed, but also i want to start doing non-treadmill running at least once a week, because all the treadmill couch to 5k action I do is not at all going to translate directly into ability to run the actual 5k at the end of April. the indoor track is a bit springy so it went decently since I went back and did the C25k timing from two weeks ago vs the level I'm at on the treadmill, but running outside will be another thing over again. Honestly it's tough to want to try to practice outside when I know it's going to be totally discouraging, but I realize that I have to build up to that at some point, since the goal is to not be embarrassing at my schools annual 5k. Running any of it at all will be improvement over last year, at least.

Time to pay the credit card bill D: I was doing so good and then this week I had like internet shopping spree XD XD XD

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