March 17th, 2013

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Miracle Week

It's Miracle Week! the week when kisumai's ages all line up (27 26 25 24 23 22 21) until Senga screws it up with his birthday. So I learned the new vocab word 年子 (toshigo) which means children born in sequential years, because kisumai themselves apparently called it super toshigo when talking about it on some VTR or show somewhere. It honestly just makes me think of Superhero Miyata. Super Toshigo, away!!

I talked my father into doing Sumo + Sushi on April 7th, and if anybody else is in the Philly area and is interested, you can have my LivingSocial referral code right here. If three of you do it, I get mine free! somehow I think this is not one of those deals where I can make that happen, but I'll be at the 11am show and we could hang out? if that interests you. You'd have to meet my dad though.

Ran 5 min/5 min/5 min at the gym, plus some other bits i ran just to run it, and I swear to god, if I make it to running the 5k and i still haven't lost any weight (i'm up 2 lbs still) and still can't fit into my pants from last year (nope) i am going to just cut a bitch. I've taken to having 'come to Jesus' talks with my body in the shower after the gym, but i can't say that seems to be having any more effect than just the gym itself is.

Also I'm having a randomly financial A+ week, between finally getting my student loan forgiveness that I applied for months and months ago, and my mother giving me a grocery store gift card that she won in a raffle, and a bunch of other small but significant things. I've reached a tipping point where I'm not even enjoying it because I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop, haha.

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