March 28th, 2013


The Priest-Magicians Have No Cures

This week felt like it was craaaaawling for me. It's partially still being all in a flap about new relationship still, and also partly that I slept roughly 3 hours a night pretty much every night. Maybe 4 a couple of them. But there's been a lot of super cute, idiotic texting all week (i've been worse than my students omg) and I'm really happy and excited. today i called as a movie day for all my classes because i just couldn't cope anymore and i basically sat there with my phone in my hand just waiting for it to tell me the next cute thing. *rolls*

although maybe i need to move some stuff in my room so that my mirror is a little more accessible, because taking pictures of myself in the school bathroom feels a little wth. I told some RL people this week too so that was nice, just a couple of my close friends at school, but they were happy for me. it was a nice way to start easter break.

all one day of it. i need a week off like all the other normal schools waah. only one more marking period, I can make it ;___;

Easter nails! they turned out exactly like I wanted them to, so I am really pleased. Used a bunch of zoya's spring colors, I love the shimmery yellow. I also tried one of the pixiedust colors, and the texture was an odd thing? but i liked it more than i thought so i might get a couple of the summer brights. I really like the blue especially.

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