March 31st, 2013

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Scarves! For Mother's Day or whatever

So I have a handful of the nice Starbella or Sundance scarves made from trying out various colors, and I thought I'd toss them up here and see if anybody was interested. Would make great Mother's Day or spring presents, my mom gets complimented on the one I made her constantly.

Scarves are $15 including shipping to anywhere in the US, $20 if I have to mail it anyplace that I need a customs form for. I do paypal generally. You can comment here or email me (mousapelli at gmail dot com) if you're interested in any of this.

If you are abroad and your mom/whoever is in the US, I would totally be willing to write a nice note to stick in the package and mail it direct to them.

All scarves are about 55-60 inches, although I just knit until I get to the end of a ball, so sometimes they are a little more or little less. They are nice and soft, and actually a little warm despite how breezy they look.

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Although I am a little busy at the moment, I do in general take small commissions if anybody has a baby shower or something like that coming up. The ladies at school usually hit me up for baby hats and the occasional baby blanket, which I am always happy to do.

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His Pituitary Gland Has Beeen Necrotized

I could fold laundry or i could post about the minutiae of my life. Here is the post!

In season 3 of my rewatch of the x-files and I keep wanting to make an intelligent post about all the complicated ways this show affected my real/online/fannish/writing life, but I never sit down and actually try to put that together. I just love it a lot, okay, and I always will. If this show didn't exist, I probably wouldn't even know who any of you people were. I can't even fathom what I would be doing right now. Deep thoughts, I has them.

Scully is smart and sexy and amazing. Why can't television ladies be as awesome as her all the time!

We visited my brother in DC on Saturday to see cherry blossoms, which would have been fun if there had been any actual cherry blossoms. There's a Japanese street fair down there on the 13th that I told my mom I wanted to go to, but honestly after this weekend I'm already thinking I will just say I am not up to it. What I am actually not up to is so much consecutive time with my parents. I love them, but my mother especially is turning into the crabby lady they write television sitcoms about and I don't have a lot of patience for it. When it goes on aaaaaaall day like that, it's just too much.

I did manage to pull my brother aside and inform him about the girlfriend. He didn't seem that shocked XD what I'm gathering here is that none of you think I'm as subtle as I think that I am. Anyway, we couldn't talk about it deeply because it was hard enough to get that three seconds alone as it was to talk, but he seemed happy enough for me. He and Italian girlfriend were long distance for a year in college and another year last year when she was still in Italy, so he was sympathetic for sure.

Sorry if you're sick of hearing this, but fffff I'm so happy still. I do wish my cheeks would stop feeling like they're on fire all the time, but that is a pretty tiny price to pay for the emails and texts I've been getting, plus everything else. As much as the distance sucks, having this first part that's so exciting and sweet draw out much longer than usual is really nice.

Or maybe it's just been so long that I think everything is great, but it iiis. And whenever I start to worry that I'm about to stray into "actually you're being creepy" territory, it turns out she's about to say pretty much the same thing. I am all about the affection too? but the relief, I can't even tell you. it's so much a different experience than the last time, it might as well not be the same thing at all.

and thank god for that, let me tell you ♥

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