April 19th, 2013

nago says keep the hat

Tightly Strung and In Tune

It's after midnight, so it's officially my birthday :D I have nothing exciting to offer you this year, but I am happy to re-link the 30 JE Kisses I wrote last year. It's hard to believe I'm already 31 (or will be at about 9:30 am), and that sometimes I even feel like an adult instead of somebody just pretending.

although then I look around at all the Japanese boyband posters on my wall and...yeah.

My birthday presents from the girlfriend came early, so I already wore my cute new starfish necklace, but I'll probably wear it again tomorrow even though it's a dress-down day. I also got some spatulas and a tentacle ball, both of which made me lol ♥ the ways in which we amuse each other are so dumb and glorious. She did a good job ( ^_^)b I'm really glad we hooked up prior to my birthday enough to get presents out of it~ *shallow* and you know maybe for other reasons pffft.

I had a rough day at school because of an emergency situation with another teacher. I'm not in trouble at all, but it's serious enough that I feel absolutely terrible for her and that there's nothing I can do really. At the end of the day she came home with me to call our union officer because she didn't want to do it in the school building and I live close by, and just, the whole situation is upsetting. Also ever since I got headache-sick Monday night, I haven't felt well but can't exactly say what's wrong. It's like I still have the headache/migraine but my head doesn't actually hurt.

That doesn't even make sense. Idk what it is, but I want it to stop, a lot. I'm hoping I can sleep it off over the weekend.

The tattoo is almost healed~ I'm really happy with it, but there are a few spots that are a bit quesitonable so I think next week sometime I'm going to go back and have the guy look at it and tell me whether touching up will help or not. I'm sure it will have to wait until all the edges finish peeling the whole way though, so there's no rush really.

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