April 20th, 2013


It's not a threat, I'm just informing you the consequences of rejecting my offer

Had a really productive Saturday, at least for me. Since I passed out on my couch at embarrassingly early o'clock last night, I woke up a little after 8 and then couldn't go back to sleep. Instead I got up and worked on shiritori, and then went for a massage that my mom had scheduled but then couldn't go to. I even went "running" (notice those ironic quotes) out at the 5k path around the little lake nearby since it was really nice out. running in rl is too hard, somebody fix that.

Next up, finish baby afghan for photographer lady friend and then maybe work on other one. Too many things to crochet!! Too many people knocked up and getting hitched and stuff, pfft. Also later on is going to be Kasuka na Kyoujo date night with girlfriend, so I probably ought to get on it.

I went out with my parents and 1B/SiL/Nephew for steaks last night for my actual birthday. I had mushrooms on mine and they were sooo goooood. We're saving most of the presents for real sibling birthday dinner next week, since 3B is coming up for DC then, but I got a bracelet from my nephew and a gift certificate for the craft store. a bunch of students spotted me and threatened to make me wear the birthday sombrero, but we snuck out before they could actually nail me XD

Mostly I've just been lying here watching Law and Order, though, and to make it really loserful, I am even wearing my official Law and Order shirt from the NBC store. Yay saturday!!

And thankfully the ridiculous pictures I sent to the girlfriend to say happy week 4 finally got to her today, because it was killing me trying to keep that a surprise. I'm such a bad secret-keeper, oh my god. Hope that's not a dealbreaker for her because yikes XD

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