April 27th, 2013


Also I got a Fireman Hat

This morning was the 5k! since the last couple weeks have not been what I would call successful training, I wasn't feeling very confident and then I had like the worst day ever yesterday so I felt pretty FML about the whole thing. It actually went pretty well, though. I didn't run most of it by any stretch of the imagination, but my end time was 43 minutes, which is a huge improvement over last year (54 min because I walked it all). I was glad my brother was there because it helped me pace a little better, but I felt bad because he was doing the slowest run ever beside me which can't have felt that good.

Community afterwards was fun too. We had walking tacos (you get a small bag of doritos, crunch them up, drop the other taco fillings in and then eat it with a fork) and I bought some raffle tickets for Big Time Rush tickets, and the Zoo America people had a bunch of snakes and lizards to hold and the grumpiest owl ever. And one of my students was doing the airbrush tattoos so I have a line of black stars airbrushed down the inside of my arm. It's cute! Maybe next tattoo haha.

Anyway now I'm home and icing my knee because ow. It's like the side of my knee that hurts? So it's ofc a hard spot to ice unless I hold it right there. I should have done that right away, but couldn't so I'll pay for that later, I'm sure. We're going out to early dinner in a bit for me and my two brothers' birthdays finally this afternoon because 3B is up from DC for the run and the draft, and I'm looking forward to the fancy Asian place across the river.

This week is going to be super busy, ugh. Maybe if i close my eyes and count to a million it'll be over.

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