May 20th, 2013

tezuka has school pride

At least there wasn't a bat this year

I have no school tomorrow and that makes me happier than you can possibly imagine. Especially after our awards ceremony tonight that went foreverrrrrr. The outside presenters just always want to tell their whole life's story, and you can't stop them because they're handing out scholarships and stuff, but goddamn we have like 200 awards to get through! Pick up the pace!

I wore my high sandals for the second day in a row and did not break my neck either time, so I am very pleased with me. Dressing up for school for the second time in one day, I was less pleased about that.

Tomorrow i actually have a bunch of stuff planned even. We're going out to lunch for one of my friends' birthday and then painting stuff at the paint your own pottery place. I have to hustle it up though because I have a mani/pedi groupon i'm using mid-afternoon, and then our last Latin Festival meeting for the year is over dinner (YAY NO MORE LATIN FESTIVAL FOR A WHOLE YEAR).

I really really need to start fic2. And sleep instead of staying up ridiculous late to bullshit about nothing with the west coast girlfriend. But that is so much more appealing! waking up and going to school is not appealing at all. also it's a good thing I've been taking pictures of whatever I'm wearing in the morning to send her, because this morning my bra pattern was showing right through my shirt and I didn't notice until I was trying to snap the picture. I'm scandalous, apparently.

I got an email from Southwest today that was like "Are you ready for your trip?!" and I was like, oh jesus, more ready than you can possibly imagine, let's get this show on the road already. want so muuuuuch.

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