July 3rd, 2013

pretty cunning

Welcome to the land where silicon meets silicone

I was gonna update my website and then that...did not happen.

Instead I finished Orphan Black's first season today and DAMN i cannot recommend that shit hard enough. Badass ladies! It was like a cross between Fringe and Nikita or something. You should watch it so I can flail! Best western TV I've watched in ages.

Speaking of that I'm halfway through season 7 of x-files and I completely forgot there was a COPS-type episode. Duchovny was obviously struggling to keep a straight face through like 65% percent of the filming, so funny. I have all the afghan to finish before the wedding I'm going to this weekend, so I might be done with the last two seasons faster than expected. After that not sure whether I'm going to rewatch SPN or Fringe next.

Had a proper Drama Night barbeque party Monday night and everybody had a date but me lol. Oh well. I made miso ginger salmon and oh my god it was so good. fresh sweet corn too, mmm, which there is going to be some of in my CSA box tomorrow. Plus nectarines!

I went back to the gym finally this morning and I was 150% unhappy about it lol. It's so humid I was dripping sweat by the time my heartrate was 130, it was awful. I was there for an hour and lost like 2 lbs of just water, ugh. Don't worry, I made up for it later with a banana cream blizzard. Also a real ginger ale because i've had the headache that won't die all week. I guess it's only fair since we keep having the same thunderstorm over and over that I keep the same headache.

I'm starting to feel a little more normal but i still miss my girl .____. I guess that might not go away any time soon, huh. It's not so bad, obviously I still get to talk to her and stuff, no idea how people even tried this before the good internet, but it's a lot less satisfying to fall asleep next to my laptop. it won't be so long until october ♥ and I'm really excited about going to NYC together during Thanksgiving break. I can be patient for awesome stuff like that.

I guess I ought to try and go to sleep like a normal person when this episode is over *yawns*

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