July 25th, 2013

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All the Things

DW refuses to crosspost, apparently.

1. Went to Hersheypark yesterday specifically for the purpose of trying out the water park area. It was okay? There's just not a lot to do in there so everybody's in line for the same thing. If you had younger kids who could go tool around in the water playground thing while you chillaxed on the fake wave pool beach, you'd probably think it was a good use of your time. The weather was really nice though, and I like the lazy river ride.

1a. once again feel awful the next day. It's like the Hersheypark hangover! I do not understand. We only go for a couple hours and I drink water the whole time. I would blame it on lady times starting today, but it's happened the last three times so that's a pretty direct 1:1 ratio there.

2. Skyping with girlfriend last night for anniversary purposes ♥ four months! ugh I miss her faaaaaace. Her present got to her a day early and was unsquished, so I was glad that all turned out okay. I got fic for my present, which I was a-okay with that (Yamada/Yuto if you are interested). Also this week, Brother 1 called to say that dad had told him about the girlfriend and wanted to know if it was okay to talk about it. uh, YES PLEASE. lol, he and SiL are excited about meeting her at Thanksgiving. Nephew would not be excited unless she played for the Baltimore Orioles, so she gets two out of three there.

3. All my windows were scheduled to be replaced yesterday, and then they called and moved it back two weeks. AGAIN. We started talking about this in the beginning of May grrrr. I just want windows that aren't from 1952, is that too much to ask? There's a bunch of dead earwigs in the sill of the one, because my terrible windows are how they are getting in here, and I am leaving them right there as a present to failure window people. ENJOY.

4. Scheduled a vet appointment for Datte because I think his bottom teeth are starting to dig into the top of his mouth. They can't see him until tomorrow, so 3B will have to take him. Hopefully they can just clip the bottom ones down and it'll fix itself. You know I can buy three guinea pigs for the cost of taking one to the vet, right? right. I'm just leaving my brother the credit card.

5. I'm going to Ohio with my dad tomorrow until Monday sometime, we're seeing my aunt and uncle and then going to a baseball game. No idea what the status of the internet will be, but I'll have my phone and twitter and things. I should finish FQF today though, responsibly. I'm over the word limit but there isn't any sex yet, making it not a terribly good FQF fic in its current state.

6. Just bought tickets for girlfriend any I to see Kinky Boots when we're in NYC in Nov. My mom bought sort of terrible but cheapish tickets for her, my dad, B3, and Italian girlfriend and asked if we were interested, and I was like, sure? I'm surprised she asked me/us, not sure if that means she's getting over herself about the girlfriend or what, but if she wants to see a musical about drag queens with us, that's fine with me. In the two minutes i was trying to pick left or right side, the website I was on sold out and I had to dig around the internet for tickets which weren't $300, but I managed in the end. VICTORY. seriously, Broadway, it's like buying a semester of college, get over yourself, damn. I can see fabulous drag queens outside for free.

Apparently my brother will not be calling me about lunch, so I guess I'd better go out and acquire some.
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