July 28th, 2013

we're the main pairing

He kept saying "the peanut shop" until I was losing it

Home from Ohio. The Indians won the ballgame on Saturday which was nice for my dad, who has only ever seen them lose in person up until now. The game itself was a touch boring because the first hitter hit a home run on the second pitch and that was the only run scored the entire game, but a win is a win, I guess. We showed up late-ish and still got the free jerseys they were giving away, #23, which is a good number for reasons. Also we think that was my first major league game, or at least I can't think of another one I've been to.

Then I didn't sleep at all last night (seriously this can't sleep in weird places thing is ridiculous), and dad got sick from eating a pound of ballpark peanuts, so neither one of us was very happy during the 6 hour trip home. Which i promptly compounded by kicking my footrest first thing and now my little toe is purple and the nail is funny, ick.

The guinea pig update is that 3B took Datte to the vet and he had to have his bottom front teeth and one of his molars clipped. I cannot imagine trying to clip a guinea pig's molar is a good time. Bro reports that Datte "made a noise I've never heard a guinea pig make." He seems okay now, aside from continuing to need me to shred any kind of food I give him. And the total bill was only worth about 2 new guinea pigs, not 3 like usual, so I suppose that's a win. Here's hoping his stupid teeth grow back together okay and there will not be a repeat of this in the near future.

I am out of One Piece to watch so now I'm reading it, which i shouldn't do because it'll only take forever for the anime to get past me again. But i want to see the end of the arc! Also I need to find something else for drama night to watch because my mother hates BBJ. Romantic and/or comedic recs welcome.

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