August 26th, 2013

kill myself with anime

They told me you like Goldfish

School starto! my first day with students was today, and even though this first week is always exhausting, I'm at least relieved to get past the part right before where I can't do anything but panic uselessly. My schedule is really busy this year and this might be surprising, but I'm actually pleased about that. Last year when i had all the non-teaching time in the middle of my day I was a trainwreck and I knew it. Also my day went super fast today because I had stuff to do back-to-back-to-back and that's awesome because it surely won't break my heart if September gets the hell out of my way as fast as possible.

Now, once I have all the grading and no back to back duty periods in which to do it, like i was so spoiled to have last year, maybe i won't be quite so psyched, but I like to live in the now.

So I've been at my parents' house since Friday night, and it's not like they don't have a nice house in which I grew up reasonably happily, but I want my couch and my shower and most importantly my bed. Start of school is stressful enough without waking up in a weird place every morning and having to decide what adult outfit I have to wear days in advance. and then there is the dog.

you can't do anything quickly with a 15yo beagle, so what used to take two minutes to let the dog outside to putter around the yard long enough to do his business is now like 20 minutes of trying to get him on his feet, holding his hips so he doesn't fall down the single step, and trailing him around while he tries desperately to poop in the neighbors' yards and immediately falls over if you try to correct his course. Sometimes I can't even wake him up, even if I'm shaking him.

He's not doing well at all, and now as of today, he's refusing to eat. I'm avoiding texting my parents about it because I don't want to upset them while they're on vacation, but I think there's a better than half chance that before this two weeks is up, I will be at the vet by myself having the dog that i picked out as a puppy 15 years ago put to sleep. Aside from being pretty upset about that, I'm kind of angry with my parents for putting me in this position in the first place. I'm the softest touch in the whole world and even I can see that they let this situation drag on way, way too long.

Sorry if that was upsetting. pets D:

I'm rewatching West Wing season 1 because it's convenient on Netflix and yesterday all I wanted was comfort television. The dialogue is the best dialogue in the whole world. And the women are so sassy! I think CJ might be my favorite television woman of all time.

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