September 28th, 2013


all the starfishing

Best news first: I asked the girlfriend formally to come live with me and she said yes ♥ I'm really happy and excited about that, even if it will obviously take a while to work out the logistics of that. I feel badly that it's fraught with a lot more effort and driving on her end than on mine and there's no way to split that more evenly, but i promised I would make it up in pancakes and cooking things and cuddling and fingers crossed this winter will even turn up some snow because I promised that too.

Way less important but also good: ONE OK ROCK is coming to NYC in February! And it's a Sunday night so it's totally doable. I may take off the Monday and stay over, but honestly I'm not sure yet and I've got a while to figure it out.

School was ridiculously busy this week and I was so exhausted from Wednesday on that I could barely deal. At least parent night is over, because that's the most nerve-wracking night all year. It's not that it ever goes badly? It's just that you're there so long and everybody gets so anxious about it. Anyway it's done and I feel a little better since I got to sleep in this morning.

Four more school days until I get on a plane for my hot fondue date! ♥♥♥

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