October 14th, 2013

haters to the left

calming mantra failure

yaaaaaaaawn. Took an accidental 2-hour nap after training at school all day, which would have been fine except I had to get back up to do laundry and go to the grocery store and stuff. I really need to redo my nails as well, but it's already 7pm, so I'm not sure I see that happening.

Started working on Trick or Fic and it's not going very quickly but I have settled on an idea I think, finally. Last year's turned out so well, so the whole time I'm writing I'm worried this one won't be nearly as good. Either way, I'd really like to get it out of the way to start my Hols fic/pinch, because then NaNo starts right after that. I have JE Remix tabbed still, but it's due date is the same as Hols, so that seems like a terrible idea. I am excited for the warmup round of FQF, though.

We had some pretty crazy rain Friday into Saturday and it's definitely staying colder overnight, so it looks like fall is here. Yay! I like this part best, where we get really nice, sunny days, but then it's cold enough to sleep under blankets properly at night.

Both DC brother and trucker brother were home over the weekend, so I had lunch and dinner with them yesterday. We did birthday dinner over the weekend because it's my mom, oldest brother, and sister-in-law's birthday all back to back, and my mother was predictably a crank about the whole thing. DC bro and I discussed our concerns that if my parents' marriage lasts the whole way until she retires in May, then it might not make it through both of them being home all the time.

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temper tantrum over. sigh, I sort of feel better now for getting that out. Not that it changes anything, but whatever, I don't care. I already did all the really hard parts and the rest of it is going to be fine because I say it is, so there.

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