October 31st, 2013

have a present

why'd you let her out

I took off school today and stayed in bed until noon and it was awesome. I needed it so badly ( _ _).oO I've just been feeling frazzled and out of patience with everybody, so I tried to sleep it off. weather change isn't helping; my dad and I have both had killer sinus headaches on and off for days. When it gets cold and stays there, it'll be better. Plus time change this weekend yay.

I was supposed to grade but did not. I did write a draft of my statement of purpose for PhD application, which is something I guess. Updated website too. Maybe I will try and grade after all, or maybe I will just sit here and crochet. Or try to start one of my Hols assignments. Trick or fic is posting right here, yay halloween stuff.

Not very sorry that I missed halloween doings at school. So far I've watched Shutter and Nightmare Before Christmas, and now I'm watching The Ring. I may rewatch White after this, which has turned into one of my favorites, or maybe Beetlejuice or something. I do love scary movies but i have to be careful or I end up not sleeping at all after, oops.

Kira was plying me with Snowmen on LINE this morning, and cuuuuuute. Ugh they're so much fun together and go on ridiculous dates together and they're all in university and I want to write all the things but have no time for it.

NaNo starts tomorrow, or tonight at midnight actually. I'm going back to original this year, so not sure if i want to make a filter like I used to or what. original is so full of decisions! if i didn't end up with stuff i'm proud of every time i would just do nanocrochetmo this year instead.

Saw previews for Kisumai PVs. Snow Dome looks cute but just okay? Luv Sick is like the best thing ever, and I can see how that's not everybody's thing, but oh man, action and leather and punching and I bet they had so much fun filming that. I think it's awesome XD I love their dumb faces and I'm so glad we get to keep them for always.

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