December 16th, 2013

hasshi tottsu love match

A.B.C-Z, Like the Sun (Can't Touch Your Hands)

Title: Like the Sun (Can't Touch Your Hands)
Rating/Warnings: R for alien sex and...reproduction? is that a thing I warn for?
Summary: Hashimoto doesn't let a little thing like being different species stand in the way of having everything he wants with Totsuka.
AN: I'm not even sure how this happened *sobs* Midori wrote this shiritori, about how Tottsu and alien-Hasshi fall in love even though they can't touch, and then because I begged her to, wrote also Tonight, the Stars Shine for Us and A Light in the Dark, both of which involve Hasshi and Tottsu figuring out ways around their incompatible biologies. Something about them is just so sweet and full of UST? Anyway, this is all I could think about all last night and today, since she explicitly mentions how Hasshi could get pregnant. I'm sure this will make a lot more sense if you read hers first...inasmuch as any of this makes sense.

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