December 21st, 2013

it's super effective

Winter Break

I am on winter breeeeeeeeak. so excited. Although all I've done so far is eat terribly, actually that kind of started around Wednesday, and right now my body seems to be rejecting everything that's happened so far. I'm drinking green mint tea but I might just have to sleep it off.

Went shopping with 3bro and my mom because none of us had any presents for my dad really, and then we went out to watch some horse races at the casino. Fourth race, our horses actually won 1st and 2nd! So my brother made some money. Anyway I think I've got all the stuff I need for whoever, so now I just have to wrap things and get the stuff tomorrow to make shredded buffalo chicken in my crockpot for christmas eve. also I let the laundry go really long again, sigh.

Mom was asking about when the girlfriend was moving here and stuff while we were in the car, which seemed like a lot of progress to me. I've stopped worrying basically about bringing her up in front of my mother, I just kind of do it at this point. Also I'm practicing using her real name out loud but it still feels weird, which is maybe partially because it's her full name and not some kind of nickname so it's like I changed back to formal version. I guess that'll wear off sooner or later, or she'll pick a nickname, or idk what.

We went out to see Frozen last night, and it was fabulous. I thought it was really funny, and I liked that the story centered around the sisters, not that there weren't love interest disney dudes there, but the heart of it was definitely the sisters. I thought the music was great, and we were laughing the whole way through. I totally recommend it.

stomach huuuuurts. Gonna watch shokura SP and Kisumai 7 thing and hopefully my new Captain America pants will make it go away.

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