December 26th, 2013

have a present

also i look like i got punched in the eye now

Surprise snow was NOT magical this morning. I had a random dr's appointment which i expected to be no big deal and then spent a pretty white-knuckled trip trying to make it up the unplowed hills without getting stuck or killing anybody. The rear-wheel drive truck is not good times for that D: But I made it home safely and now plan to go nowhere and do nothing except crochet. This is our fifth stick-to-the-ground snow and it's not even January! I love snow, I do, but I fear for Feb-March.

Had a good Christmas with my family. It was pretty quiet, since my older brothers have stopped trading gifts with us, so I only dealt with my parents, youngest brother, and nephew (who decided he was terrified of the angel on top of the tree because he is a nutcase). I got a nice travel tea mug and a bunch of massage gift certificates. No giant penguins this year XD

We made my dad gamble for his presents though, which was hilarious. We got a trifold board (like for science fairs) and taped 35 envelopes on it and made him pick numbers; inside each envelope was half a picture, and when he made whole pictures he got whatever the drawings meant, like small gift cards or books or scratch-off lottery tickets. He got to keep picking until he drew the three pieces with the booby prize, which was to take my mom driving around to look at Christmas lights, which he hates hahaha. He made it almost to the end so the only things we kept were $10 to Amazon and half a dozen scratch-offs.

3bro and I saw 47 Ronin last night, and I really enjoyed it. Decent action, more magic/supernatural stuff than I expected, a cast full of Japanese people (!! Nice work!), and also I have to say that Jin was looking good. If he could have dark hair and traditional dress always, I would be just fine with that, mmmm. I really liked the guy who played Oishi too. Anyway, if you like action or samurai movies I recommend it.

Mom and girlfriend and probably everybody else are back to work today, so it's nice and quiet. aaaaall the crochet. Want to get the toddler blanket done and maybe a baby one for one lady at work and then absolutely want to make myself one of these. ALL THE CROCHET AND NETFLIX.

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